A Dori looks like a poodle and causes all sorts of drama and should be avoided at all costs, if caught with a Dori you should try to have the least amount of exposure as possible as you will watch yourself become a cold shell of a person and be "mean" to everyone around you. You will also sense the massive need to consume drama and try to ruin your best friends relationship and brag about stuff that doesn't matter. You also get jealous of anyone and anything that is "cooler" and is expensive. Exposure to a Dori for more than One Hour is extremely dangerous and you should contact a Psychiatrist if you find you have that need to eat drama.

She is also a girl that for some reason has a lot of friends, She can be a "jerk" 90% of the time and treats all of her friends like dirt. Every once in a while she's nice but for the most part she's not.

The examples are what a friend of a Dori would say and what a Dori would say when drama presents itself.
"It bothers Dori that I have more money than her."

"Oh my god did you hear what her boyfriend just did?"
by Shimpa November 14, 2011
Top Definition
Truly beautiful, both inside and out. She laughs a lot and is always there for you, willing to listen and help. Doris is someone everyone likes from the beginning. You just have to look at her and you know she's an interesting and friendly person. She's very determined to make the best of her life and is charming and competitive at certain things. She's great fun to be around and always makes you feel happy and loved.
Doris is the best friend anyone could have. Once you get to know her you hope she'll be your friend forever.

2. Doris: beautiful likeable friendly fun

good at making out

fun, hyper

first love

first love
good at making out
Made it to second base with Alex.
She is Doris.(used as adjective)
by gregggggarious February 02, 2010
Japanese short for drift. Also "dori dori".
Oh! Boro boro dori dori!
by Barrett December 16, 2003
a girl who stands out in the croud; always speaking her mind and not giving two fuck what anyone has to say about it. sarcastic, hard headed, opinionated and softhearted. someone who doesn't seem to have the best luck in relationships but that never stops her from trying; hair changes with moods, and usually stands out with colors and clothes. what you would call a ride or die friend; if she wants to do something best believe it'll be done. someone who loves the good times but dont fuck hers up; things will get physical.
"Who was that girl fighting latnight with a smile on her face."

"OH that was just Dori!"
by loveddddddd May 18, 2009
Is slang used to describe a sexy/beautiful girls that you see in your day to day life
Boy 1 " That girl is so sexy"

Boy 2 "Dude she's a Doris"
by Dr.Deebo October 26, 2010
A girl who is nice, attractive, shy, awkward, exciting, cute, and energetic all in one. She has the power to do anything she wants to. She makes a great girlfriend, best friend, sister, mother and is always loyal. She would do anything for her family and friends. She loves to party, talk, and have a good time. This girl is one everyone should be friends with
Boy 1:Bro, have you met that new chick?
Boy 2:Ohh do you mean dori?
Boy 1:Yeah, ive heard really good things about her, she seems like a really good time
by JohnnyAppleseed24 November 02, 2011
If under 40, a younger person who probably resents their name. Usually talented and funny to make up for the fact they have what they believe to be a lame name. More than likely Doris will have a nick name i.e Dee, Doe, Dori or a new name all together. Sometimes the name Doris is a short version of the also not so great name Isador. 1920-1950 if your name was Doris you were the bees knees, anytime after maybe not so much.
"Wow, were you named after your Grandmother? I haven't met anyone named Doris since my Aunt passed."
by deekthageek February 01, 2010
Is slang used to describe a sexy/beautiful girls that you see in your day to day life
Boy 1 " That girl is so sexy"
Boy 2 "Dude she's a Doris"
by Dr.Dee October 26, 2010

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