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If under 40, a younger person who probably resents their name. Usually talented and funny to make up for the fact they have what they believe to be a lame name. More than likely Doris will have a nick name i.e Dee, Doe, Dori or a new name all together. Sometimes the name Doris is a short version of the also not so great name Isador. 1920-1950 if your name was Doris you were the bees knees, anytime after maybe not so much.
"Wow, were you named after your Grandmother? I haven't met anyone named Doris since my Aunt passed."
#resent #funny #older #lame #name
by deekthageek February 01, 2010
To be told off by someone in an aggressive or funny manner.
Damn son, your Mom just Banged on you!!!!

"You got Banged on by the bus driver when he told you to sit your dumbass down"
#bang #checked #punked #funny #done
by Deekthageek February 01, 2010
A term that originated in the urban streets of New York City. Can be used as a complement or a way to describe the body of a in shape gentleman or women. The term sounds a bit homo but is used by very gangster type individuals so therefore it to is gangster.
" Yo Kidd, son's car was Hard Body, I gotta cop me one of them joints!!

"Yikes, that woman has an extremly Hard Body, she looks like a dude!"
#gangster #body #hard #tough #slang #brooklyn
by Deekthageek February 03, 2010
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