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A nick name for Old Orchard Beach, ME. Often used by it's adolescent inhabitents. Also the dirty dorch, not to be confused with Dorchester, MA. noun
Hey man, when i leave Iraq i'm going straight back to the Dorch
by SPCjohn April 09, 2008
First mentioned by Arianna Huffington during her speech on the death of Senator/murderer Edward Kennedy, and explained by a caller in Michael Savage's radio show to be secret code word for "Hammer and Sickle" used by übermenschen class.
Arianna Huffington: "Senator (Ted) Kennedy passed the dorch."
by will_be_send_to_labor_camp August 29, 2009
Its to small to be a deck...yet its to big to be a simple porch.
"yo andrew lets go chill on your dorch!"

"nukka this aint no deck...its a dorch"
by Andrew and Carly June 04, 2005
An orchestra obsessed music dork.
Hey guysh, I'm a member of the dorchestra.
by PYKspeedymix February 07, 2007

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