An employee that works at department stores who checks your receipt upon leaving the store. Known to throw shit-fits when you don't present.
I told the door nazi at Costco to go fuck himself.
by Jack Levin March 09, 2005
A teacher or boss that is very strict about people getting in EXACTLY on time, almost always refuses to hand out bathroom passes, doesn't give you any real length of time for Lunch, and delights in writing you detentions or docking your pay for such infractions (just because he can). Refer to asshole or The Man for further information.
Man 1: God, Mr. Smith wouldn't let me go out for lunch AGAIN! He sucks!
Man 2: Yeah, Smith's an asshole! He's such a Door Nazi!
Man 1: You said it, dude!
by WelcomeToNowhere April 29, 2010
One who watches the crowd at a bar and permits or does not permit people to stay. They tend to be very good with faces; at different places, this person may be the owner, security, the person taking cover, or even the bartender. It may also apply to the friends of employees.
That door nazi bitch got me kicked out because I didn't give her money to watch this live band!
by QApocalypse September 17, 2011

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