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another name for the Japseye
i had to have my Dooly checked for STD'S
by Dom Marks May 01, 2009
Noun - Meaning a person who demonstrates extraordinary qualities, and thus becomes an amazing individual. Also is associated with people of sexy features.
Peter from "Heroes" has become such a Dooly that he will surely save the world.

My boyfriend is now a total Dooly having started going to the gym and
by Chris Dooly February 02, 2009
early stages of horny / aroused / on the make
My girlfriend's been gone a couple of days and I'm feeling a bit dooly.

His smile makes me dooly, but he's not all that hot.
by yet another local March 14, 2006
An uncercomsized cock. :D
Are you a dooly?
You're such a dooly.
Fool of a dool.
by Lukas and Scott November 27, 2007
another word for a blow job
I had fun last night, dooly noted
by I.C.I.B Goldman January 09, 2007