dooly means meat, and to many of the dutch members meat is good therefore to the dutch clan meat means good.
hey that project of your is dooly!!!
by neto January 19, 2005
another name for the Japseye
i had to have my Dooly checked for STD'S
by Dom Marks May 01, 2009
early stages of horny / aroused / on the make
My girlfriend's been gone a couple of days and I'm feeling a bit dooly.

His smile makes me dooly, but he's not all that hot.
by yet another local March 14, 2006
An uncercomsized cock. :D
Are you a dooly?
You're such a dooly.
Fool of a dool.
by Lukas and Scott November 27, 2007
another word for a blow job
I had fun last night, dooly noted
by I.C.I.B Goldman January 09, 2007

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