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Hopelessly outdated word used to refer to a first-year cadet at the USAF Academy. Generally used only by graduates from the class of 1965 or before, or by clueless parents that have read some stupid shit from their local USAFA Parents' Association.
Son, how is your doolie year going?

Jeezus, mom, what did you just call it??
by Joe Stract November 25, 2006
An overweight woman whose sides stick out like a doolie chevy truck. An extremely overweight woman.
Oh snap check out that big ol' doolie over there.
by twinndubbs October 22, 2003
Doolie is an adjective used to describe a noun which the speaker considers to be of, or associated with a lower class from themselves. It may also refer to objects which are dirty or of a low intelligence.
He's a doolie bastard

Those trainers are doolie
by Clarew December 07, 2005
noun ~ a two person blunt or a joint big enough for two people to feel the cough
Sub K-Dub, roll up that doolie so we can smoke this shit!
by Dustin Lamb February 15, 2006
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