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A service offered on the micro-jobbing website Doofa.co.uk
Each individual job is called a Doofa and is what a seller will "do for" either £5, £10, £20 or £50
Doofa is phonetic for "Do Fa", which is slang for "Do For".
What I will Doofa £10 is design you 5 logo's for your company
by acollins February 14, 2011
Meaning Idiot, Fool, twit?
You broke my pen!! Your just a total "Doofas"
by Crayzee187 July 20, 2009
A doofa is a sex act where a male ejaculates on the woman's face, and proceeds to lick it off.
"Last night, my girlfriend came over and I doofaed her"
by blitzdfgdsfg January 31, 2010
When a baby is due for a nappy change
I think Jason is doofa.
by Jon Shuttleworth December 10, 2007