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One who arrogantly takes control of a situation/conversation when uninvited altogether. Not only does the individual decrease their social status within the group, they often overcomplicate even the simplest of desicions. Doodlebangers are a rapidly growing group of inappropriate beings usually hailing from rural regions of any civilised country.
Person 1: Let's play some music from my iphone while we sit and drink.

Person 2: Sure

Doodlebanger: Let me get my car over here and we can listen to it on a really good sound system.

Doodlebanger 2: Yeah go get it but make sure it's angled correctly.
by GREYGOOSE666 October 09, 2011
calling homo with a small willy
Oi John you fucking doodle banger
by The Suductive Foreskin April 14, 2015

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