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Same as the word "done", but used when trying to be cute or funny. Often used when texting/IMing with a girl you like, in a flirtatious way.
(Through instant messaging)
Kim (11:02am): Have you requested time off at your office to hang out with me when I come visit you?
Abe (11:06am): Donski :-)
by ebirito August 03, 2010
1. adj. Achieving a high level of intoxication.
2. Verb. To run a very high level of train on a girl (you're the conductor)
3. Verb. Getting Very TRUCLULENT/savage
1. Michael got DONSKI tonight after chugging captain and coke with a look of excitement on his face.
2. Ryan went out to a club and donski'd some little bitty. He then proceeded to do the fetal stomp.
3. Peabs and Austin donski'd their room by destroying their furniture in a fit of primal rage only matched by cavemen of the Cretaceous period.

by The Feti June 21, 2006
Being not able
Not in the action so he was donski
by evan williams1783 June 20, 2011
God's Left Hand Man, see also Don skeet skeet
The world is Donski's Bitch.
by Donski October 01, 2007
A guy that makes weird noises especially when promted by friends. A Donski likes to sing Painkiller in 2 different tones of voice. A person who lies horribly and makes up excuses when he doesn't want to hang out with friends.
BG: What did he say he was doing?
Michael: He said he had to help Fatso move things at Walmart.

Donski: PAINKILLER...painkiller.
by EdenMichael September 19, 2008

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