1.) someone tall who thinks he is cool because of that and his mediocre guitar skills
2.) someone with poor taste in music who is known as a newb
He only listens to Jonas Brothers, what a Donny.
by Acceber Elknur May 27, 2010
A dog nanny. Required when your especially naughy pooch gets kicked out of doggie daycare.
We've now resorted to obtaining a donny for Winnie. He got kicked out of his third doggie daycare.
by Tinkerbell Hilton July 17, 2009
What any Doncaster local or chav worth their stripes calls Doncaster. Famous for horse racing, trains, Doncatraz (Doncaster Prison), Doncaster Rovers, sexual diseases, high teen pregnancy rate, and being able to get pissed on just £10. It's also the home of the legendary Devvo, the most famous chav ever, so yes it is one of the chaviest places in the UK. Go grab a bottle of white lightning, grab a orange slapper, get on the fuckin' X78 bus and get to Donny dick'ed!
"Fuckin' Donny mayte!"

"Fucked this rate slag in Donny last night mayte but me fuckin bell end stingin like fuck na'"

by theanon April 05, 2008
to grind a girl from very far away,to a song your not suppost to even grind to
oh god, last night jered pulled a donny
by u.p.s. we love you donny March 07, 2008
An extremely poor roll in yahtzee.
Wow that guy just rolled a donny, two ones, two twos and a three!
by bah February 05, 2003

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