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(Adj.) Cool, fly, awesome, terrific; So damn sickwithit it makes you wanna BLAST in faces right on the spot
(Noun) One who is a truly swagged out sexual bastard (with or without anal blood lust, but must enjoy drinking ABLs or anal blood lusts), slaps good music, can easily mack on women (but may or may not choose to because he is a gentleman), works insanely hard and parties just as hard, is himself/herself regardless of the situation, and might even town drop on fools at Safeway in aisle 6 if he pleases
(Noun) A movement - hard working, successful, young adults who live life to the fullest and always do them
*Bay Area slang, coined by CRADtastic of Brisa
*Origin: 7 women + my buddies stacked in one civic while slapping Donnis - "Tonight"

tonight tonight tonight

Syn: A1
That party in Davis, CA was the most crackin, Donnis event I've ever been to...bad women, good friends, good times.

It's donnis out here out here everyday cuz yeah imma do it imma do it for the bay.
by CRADtastic December 14, 2011

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