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abbreviated nickname of the town of Doncaster in south yorkshire, England.
kid 1-mate are you off out in donny this weekend?

kid 2-nah lad im staying in sheffield
by jay31189 April 24, 2011
34 37
a dick
Man, that guy sure is being a huge donny right now.
by hansons June 17, 2009
86 103
Another name for Doncaster greatest chav hole in England :)

Referred to by the local chavsters as 'Donneh'
"Fuckin get into fuckin donneh reet?"
by RRRAAAWWWRRR April 22, 2005
105 125
A blatant tool who attempts exert his manliness by hitting on much younger girls
Wow, look at Corey with those 8th graders. He's such a donny.
by ChiliConCarnage May 12, 2009
80 102
Lazy, Unproductive, lacking in motivation
After the long weekend, I came in to work so tired, i decided to donny the whole day.
by Rohrs March 27, 2007
96 121
Why do you have to be such a donny?
by donny12345678 January 20, 2011
23 50
1.) someone tall who thinks he is cool because of that and his mediocre guitar skills
2.) someone with poor taste in music who is known as a newb
He only listens to Jonas Brothers, what a Donny.
by Acceber Elknur May 27, 2010
8 36