A punch to the face given by a democrat to a republican politician.
I would really like to donkey punch John Boehner in his orange face.
by Debby Downer July 28, 2011
Don't you guys know? It's the name of a British film.
Dude, we watched 'Donkey Punch' for shitty movie night and it really wasn't that bad.
When engaging in anal sex, you Molly Whop(See Molly Whopped) her in the back of the head, tightening her anus muscles, causing a better orgasm for you.
Bro I totally Donkey Punched her last night. So worth it.
by ImCameo October 14, 2014
A very well hit softball
"Man was that one heck of a donkey punch right there."
by Don Quixote January 11, 2008
When you are having anal sex with your lover and you make the noise that of a donkey right before you ejaculate. If your lover, the one taking it, turns her head around (out of bewilderment) you, the one performing the shrill donkey noise, would punch her back with one punch.
Charlie wanted to spice things up for Olga so he told her he was going to give her a Donkey Punch. Olga did not know what it meant and played along. When Charlie was almost done he yelled liked a donkey and Olga, confused, turned around only to see him punch her back. Charlie thought it was amazing and Olga divorced Charlie immediately.
by Ony M. February 17, 2014
Administering a sharp blow to the back of a woman's head during anal intercourse just before you bust your nut.
So dude, I was banking my mom's ass last night and I donkey punched her too hard and she died. It was awesome.
by drunkdaddy714 August 30, 2009
While engaging in anal sex the male strikes the woman firmly and unannounced to the back of the head, this may cause an involuntary vagal nerve response of contractions most likely from both shock and the blow. this is a hard to research myth or legend that seems to have a life of its own. i think this is a poorly thought out act and potentially risky. it happened to me and i think it was the anticipatory build up that gave him the big orgasm. I had something like a dictal event.
" yah out of the blue i Fed Ex'd Maddy a donkey punch.. she went like ULLK...and twitched ...it freaking took her like 30 minutes to rewire..
by MADELINEB January 26, 2008
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