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Don't you guys know? It's the name of a British film.
Dude, we watched 'Donkey Punch' for shitty movie night and it really wasn't that bad.
A splendid beverage composed of:

2/3 Dr. Pepper
1/3 Fruit Punch
Man, I'm thirsty. Hit me with a Donkey Punch.
by Gloibin March 14, 2010
While engaging in anal sex the male strikes the woman firmly and unannounced to the back of the head, this may cause an involuntary vagal nerve response of contractions most likely from both shock and the blow. this is a hard to research myth or legend that seems to have a life of its own. i think this is a poorly thought out act and potentially risky. it happened to me and i think it was the anticipatory build up that gave him the big orgasm. I had something like a dictal event.
" yah out of the blue i Fed Ex'd Maddy a donkey punch.. she went like ULLK...and twitched ...it freaking took her like 30 minutes to rewire..
by MADELINEB January 26, 2008
Etymology - Modern English, slang. A word that shouldn't ever be blocked.

1. A maneuver used to speed up a slow moving animal, not necessarily a donkey. Entails punching the animal it's hindquarters.

2. A sexual technique used by a male when having intercourse with a female or used by a male when having homosexual relations with another male. The male, who is having sex doggy style, gives a short powerful jab to the back of his partner's head. The resulting shock causes the partner's anus to clinch tight around the man's penis during ejaculation intensifying the man’s pleasure.

1. Shrek donkey punched Donkye to make him run up the hill quicker.

2. Jack donkey punched Jill during sex and her but squeezed tight around his penis while he ejaculated deep inside her bowels.
by TrueDefs November 25, 2004
It seems most people get overly creative in attempting to imagine what could be meant by a sexual act entitled the "donkey punch". It's incredibly simple, while using judicious amounts of lubrication a balled fist is forced into the anus. This resembles punching the ass of the recipient although saying ass punch is more literal and less comical than the synonym donkey punch.
She told us about this freak who wanted her to fist his ass. We were horrified to hear that she donkey punched him to the elbow.
by RealDealBobbySpiel March 26, 2009
where you rear back bending your knees, and jump at the person forward upper-cutting them in their nose using your bottom knuckles.
brian and i got in a fight, and he donkey punched the hell out of me. then i woke up in a trash can.
by jacob tanner billeford May 03, 2008
When one person bends over and the other person forces their fist into the other persons anus, causing it to penetrate them.
'Shaun donkey punched Emma in the 20p toilets'
by Bre nig. November 05, 2006