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The Call of Duty Move originally done by xbox live gamer tag Snatchier Pigeon and Ballboy007

This move is when you prone or crouch behind a teammate or enemy and knife them in the back while yelling "DONKEY PUNCH!"

This can be used to annoy teammates or simply get revenge on annoying teammates
I just totally Donkey Punch'd this guy
by Snatchier Pigeon April 10, 2009
819 731
Man of chivalry and honor, immediately precedent to Don Quixote in the fonetic fon book.
Don Quipunch (pron. don' kee punch, donkey punch) was shocked to learn from what his name was a homonym for.
by I. Wagner November 27, 2006
1133 1064
A very well hit softball
"Man was that one heck of a donkey punch right there."
by Don Quixote January 11, 2008
357 300
A action used during "doggy-style" anal-sexual intercourse. When a man's penis is in a man or woman's asshole, the man shouts "Donkeypunch!" and when the man/woman turns around he punches him/her in the face causing his/her asshole to tighten making the sexual experiance a lot better for the man Donkeypunching his partner.
"Oh yeah, fuck my asshole baby."
"Huh?" *Turns head around*
by Donkeypuncher5000 August 31, 2004
134 106
The end product from the wopatuli fermentation process whereby leftover wop from an all night drinking party is left unattended and contained on a back porch for a minimum of two weeks. The combination of elements, temperature, neighborhood dogs and adventuresome squirrels create both a more powerful and pungent brew.
I asked for donkey punch and got a wicked hangover.
Drink safely.
by trixie larue and bam bam annie September 18, 2006
221 203
The act of playing Halo Reach online on a team slayer, aquiring a magnum or any other pistol, and meleing an enemy player from behind, resulting in an assassination animation.

if done correctly you should see the player's left hand punch the enemy in the back of the head, then a badass knife kill.

Sam: God! i know right! theyre ev-- Wait...

and DONKEY PUNCH!!!! haha! jackass!
by Mr. Snuggles!!>:( October 14, 2010
132 122
The most epic techno song ever made.
Dudee, I was rolling the other night and blasted 'Donkey Punch' by Hatiras! it was the best trip everrr.
by xxdisenchantedxx October 04, 2010
29 21