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A combination of Don and Dada. Meaning the top pimp, the biggest player, and even one step above mack daddy.
"They call me the Don Dada
Pop a collar, drop a dollar if you hear me you can holla
Even rottweilers, follow, the Impala" - Ice Cube, Hello

"Who may not be original but still a don-dada (yeah!)
I'm gon' take this beat and flip it, I'm gon' make it hotter (yeah!)" - Nelly, River don't run

by Da Count September 20, 2005
The highest don, meaning the most respected.
"cool cool supercat dun rule don dada ah the dj skool." -Powder by Shabba Ranks
by trini babe January 14, 2007
don dada stands for the daddy of dons. define a don then add respectability
That guy is the dondada, he does business on Wall street
by tutankanem March 30, 2005
Done deal, comes to a conclusion, definition to a victory, event comes to an end
After the buzzer has sounded at the end of the 4th quarter the game was dondada, and we done did it.
by Mr. knowlitall February 15, 2010
A women who poses to be high mantinence. She buys fake clothing and other items and tells others they are real.
Lisa,that dondada right there, she bought a fake Gucci purse from the Beauty Supply and told her own Mama it was real.
by Anna D. June 13, 2003
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