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1. Domestic partner - contraction of dom(estic) + pa(rtner)
2. Term of endearment for same
1. She's my dompa.
2. "You're a sweet, sweet dompa," she said, smiling.
by RSH February 03, 2006
1 1
1)reference to male genetalia
2)something in large proportion
3)receiving something bad

Its a funny ass word.
1)his man gave him that dompa last night
2)why would you get hit with the dompa?
3)i heard she caught the dompa
by CaSSiuS April 23, 2005
6 5
\'dome-pä\ Contraction of DOMestic PArtner. Used in place of husband or wife when in a domestic partnership instead of a marriage.
1.)Mike introduced us to his new dompa, Larry.
2.)Susan traded her husband in for her dompa, Molly.
by partner50149470 February 18, 2008
2 2