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Domonic is an amazing guy, he loves his girlfriend and is a perfect boyfriend, he has the most dreamiest eyes and a adorable smilee he is soo caring, loving, sweet and innocent anyone would be lucky to have him... he is sexxy crazy mofo but thats why people love him.. he is always smiling and he has the most wierdest laugh but his always being a cuttie his got a sexxy body and his buff as.. he is a complete chick magnent but his girlfriend is soo lucky to have him
Lily: ' have you seen that Domonic guy ! '
by AstrooAllykins November 07, 2011
A guy who lies to the ones he loves. Someone ginger, blue eyes! Has 'Peak' times. Rides a bike, usually pink or blue! Someone who is usually there for you when you need him..
Have you seen that domonic kid, he's ginger!
Yeah I know he's a peanut..
by brokenh3arted February 08, 2012
Domonic uses his excess body mass as an excuse to come into contact with the male gender and repulse the females .
Domonic is the lonely fat guy who sits in the corner reading his book. And participates in the fun events of non-sport every wednesday.
by Hanry Ridingson December 22, 2008
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