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A French female name of Latin origin, meaning "of the Lord" or "of God."

Often, it is mistaken for a male name and quite often when you introduce yourself as Dominique, you'll be asked "but isn't that a boy's name?"

In France and other parts of Europe where Romantic languages are spoken, it is pronounced "Doh-mee-neek," with the 'doh' being pronounced like the Spanish 'o' in 'ofrecer' or 'ofender', etc. Not like the Americanized "daw-muh-neek", which makes me cringe a bit whenever I hear it. So don't say it that way.

If you can't pronounce the 'o' like the French/Spanish/Italians do, then 'Dou-mih-neek" is close enough.

There also exist the variants "Dominik," "Domanique," "Domaneek," "Dominic," "Dominica," "Domenek," "Domanec," and a whole bunch of other misspellings.
"Her name's Dominique."
"Dominic? But that's a guy's name!"
by Dominique M.B. December 20, 2008
Beautiful girl with full grown breasts. Has beautiful dark brown eyes that you just want to stare into until you fall asleep. Her laugh is out of this world and is very much so contagious! Everyone wants to be like Dominique, everyone.
Rosalie: My best friend is totally like A Dominique! She is beyond amazing.

Chad: She's my girl, forever and always. Dominique is my love.
by shit4brainz September 22, 2011
a girls name. has a cute smile. guys fall all over her. mostly bad boys( drugs ) have a thing for her, but the nice ones love her too. has 100000 friends. very athletic. also shy but loves to party!
look at tyler, trying to get all over dominique, but shes to nice for him.
by ddjk May 30, 2010
My name
by Melydo February 05, 2010
the name of a girl, but no ordinary girl, a Dominique is someone special. a Dominique is someone that will walk into your life and change it for the better. odds are you'll never find another person like Dominique in your life. you should be honored to know her let alone befriend her. . . let alone get to date her. she makes for an exceptionally amazing girlfriend, always doing the right thing. believe me, you will eventually fall for her. and maybe you'll be lucky enough for her to fall for you. for you ever get the chance to date her, hold her tight and Never let go... make her feel like the only person in the world you could ever love... because i assure you, she'll make you feel the same.
guy 1:dude, Im dating Dominique!
guy 2: No ways man! that girl is a catch!
guy 1: yeah a catch im not throwing back
by Fishi=) September 11, 2010
An amazing british gal who is hilarious, gorgeous, and too good for every man out there, although they all drool over her. She's extremely smart and very modest, as well as sweet. She's just awesome!
See that Dominique over there? If it wasn't for her, I would've had a chance to get into Harvard.
by bonanberto February 16, 2010
Dominique is the most incredible girl you will ever meet. You will never find anyone like her. She has a light humor, can be very inappropriate but also somewhat innocent and probably the most random person you will ever meet. Can and will make anyone laugh. Often indecisive. Although she's outgoing she is surprisingly shy. She is one of the best friends you could ever have. She'll help pick you up when you're down, comfort you when you need it, and she is honest- but not brutally honest. She is a TRUE friend. Genuine. She will do anything for someone she cares about. She fears rejection. Has a dark past. Has a very low self esteem. Puts others before herself. Anyone can confide in her. She would never betray you. But she is afraid of being betrayed. Has suffered from a lot of loss. Loss of loved ones, objects... Etc. She's thoughtful and inquisitive. Always coming up with the strangest ideas, had the most odd thoughts. She's creative. Artistic. Spontaneous, adventurous, gets lost everywhere. Doubts herself. Quite clumsy, she has bruises and scratches and cuts from falling one too many times. She cares. She will actually listen to what you have to say. If you meet a Dominique, get to know her. She's worth it.
Person 1: "who is that?"
Person 2: "oh, that's Dominique. Isn't she great?"

The most imperfectly perfect girl to have walked into my life
by jhr91 November 29, 2013