Top Definition
1.Being blitzed out of your skull.

2.Trippin Balls.

3.The act of smoking way too much weed.
"Dude.... Boob is sooo Domin!"
by Hayden Wise May 07, 2006
Domin Another word for being high. Being really high and not knowing what you are doing.
I smoked 5 blunts and 10 bowls and now the car is hot boxed an i am DOMIN motha fucka!
by Hdub May 15, 2006
a shortening of the word "dominating" or
"domination", it's a term used for a situation where an opponent is getting treated, bazing'd, pwnd, owned, or ect.
"Holy shit, did you see that? The dude is fuckin' dom'in the shit out of them!"
by austinphobia August 30, 2008

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