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An aggressive, kinky WOMAN who puts on a black leather catsuit and thigh high black leather boots. She uses ropes, chains or hand cuffs to keep her prey in bondage. She can also use ball gags or something else to cut the sound of her screaming prey. Lots of bizarre things she could use on her prey are the folling: Blindfolds, whips, flogs, paddles, candlewax, piercing needles, chains, hot oil, knifes, bamboo poles, horse crops, belts, sand paper, metal rods, brushes, a leash, cords and other such sex toys or any sort of medieval torture devices. Really, anything she may want to use to beat your behind with.
The domanatrix was so kinky she used a belt sander on his back while she read from William Shakespeare's Macbeth. Heh, heh!
by Wendy Lowrance April 21, 2006
A woman who wears leather, scandilious outfits made to make a man horny. From there, she whips, handcuffs, strangles, ties, etc. the man to make him horny.
A kinky way to get a man horny is to wear a Domanatrix outfit and slap him around a bit.
by NADIP December 02, 2006
a cross between a transvestite and a gay robot. can become angry. word means to sexually penetrate then dominate any further relations
jenny- peters a domanatrix!
sahrah- what!, when, why!!!
jenny- yeah he did me and my family over and he screwed the pet dog in his angrer
by beverleylolageer February 16, 2009
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