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A poorly drawn Donald Duck who speaks in a broken English. He is a homicidal, bisexual, depraved necrophiliac and sociopath. He is also oddly polite, frequently saying "pls" as he rapes and murders his friends and family. He is always smiling because he does what he loves for a living. He is feared and loathed by all except for the Brolans, his loyal followers. He is classified as a "meme".
...and in other news, another semen-filled headless corpse was found today. On a wall near the crime scene were the words "gooby pls" written in blood. Police have put out a warrant for the arrest of Dolan.
by Rabid Hamster Gun August 06, 2012
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Parody of Donald Duck, includes his friends like Bogs, Gooby, and Daffy. Words are usually mispelled in his comics.
Accualy Dolan.
by d4rkr4in May 20, 2012
To smoke the vast majority of bowl of methamphetamine in one hit, usually in the presence and much to the dismay of the other tweakers in the cipher.
"Don't dolan that bowl, dude... Leave some for the rest of us!"

He looked don to see that the pipe had been totally dolaned by the previous smoker, who had just vaporized nearly the entire bowl to her head.
by booftroupe March 14, 2014
generally irish name; usually attractive, very humorous guys who are always the life of the party
That Dolan is da' bomb! he cracks me up!
by Prince of Knives February 04, 2010
def. 1 -- a person, generally good-looking, who is always one step ahead of you with a snappy remark. Sometimes, not to your knowledge, dolan will be manipulating you!!! you won't mind...
def. 2 -- intense
"That dolan knew exactly what I was going to say before i said it...and then made fun of me!"

"dolan is a f@*% smart ass...but it's hilarious"

"after talking with dolan I feel like:

a. he was messing with me the entire time

b. laughing at a private joke about me"

by ----axiom---- February 06, 2010

To successfully take advantage of someone sexually, usually without direct invitation. Often the victim is higher up the hotness scale then the perpetrator.

More often than not the perpetrators are female and in most cases the victim is too indifferent, drunk or polite to put a stop to it.
'I got totally dolaned by this fat chick last night'

'My mum's best friend tried to dolan me last night but I managed to resist'

'I'm waiting until that cute guy gets drunk tonight, then I'm going to dolan his sweet ass.'
by Brixt1324 April 06, 2012
A person who pisses off large amounts of people because of physical and social insufficiency
"How could you lose that race....they suck!!" -coach
"Don't be so hard on him. He's just a DOLAN" -teammate
by Not a Dolan October 02, 2007
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