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From the Tongan Language meaning Brother...
Ayy Doks...

Whatchu up to Doks..

Laters Doks
by hfeki12 May 02, 2010

Dick On Keyboard

similar to a.f.k. but you get the idea.
P1: hey man what are you doing online at this hour?
P2: ...
p1: hello?
p2: ...
p1: lol enjoy dok.
by uBdead88 December 11, 2009
Drooling Over Keyboard
Blizzard is announcing its foreacoming second WoW expansion! Warning: heavy DOK risk if you keep reading!

by Levanto August 02, 2007
1. The sound your head makes with it's hit with a foreign or man made object of any sort.

2. The sound your car makes when it hits an animal
When I hit that racoon it went, DOK.
by nammuoisau September 13, 2009
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