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The pitiful attempt to cover up a person's lack of skill or inability to perform by blaming the outcome on a bruised finger or toe e.g. a swollen pinky

A reference to heavyweight boxer, David Haye, and his loss to Vladimir Klitschko.
Before the fight: "I'm gonna rip his head off and eat his brains!"

After the fight: "My little toe wasn't on my side for this fight. We were supposed to be a team. I've been let down by it and will be raising the issue with management in due course"

Are you doing a Haye? You have no shame!
by Benncm July 10, 2011
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When a bloke acts a knobhead in a pub and runs his mouth, threatening to punch peoples lights out and send them home in an ambulance, only to get his arse kicked all over the car park. The person doing a Haye normaly has small man syndrom and is ultimatly made to look a dick, often in front of his wife / girlfriend
Did you see Mike last night at closing time doing a Haye? threatened to Murder this bloke in the bar. Im off to visit him in the Hospital tommorow.
by Nickthepower July 03, 2011
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