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The act of instantly killing a conversation due to the hideous timing and inappropriate delivery of awful jokes.
Example 1:
Watching paranormal activity in suspense

Steph: "nom nom"
Person A: "good one"
Person B: Stop doing a Steph!

Example 2:
When attending a buffet

Person B: "Its £15 per head"
Steph: "What happens if you take more than a head?"

Example 3:
Listening to Beyonces song 'Irreplaceable'

Everyone: "To the left, to the left..."
Steph: "What happens if you wanna go to the right?"
by nomnom4lyf April 12, 2010
The act of having a song on repeat for a number of days, because you like it so much.
"what song are you listening to?"

"I'm Doing a steph, listening to (song name)"
by MyNameIsDefinetlyNotSteph August 20, 2011
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