An person who is colour-blind.
Person A: I took my son to the opticians.
Person B: Did it go well??
Person A: Well apparently he is dog eyes.
by mikey64_1509 July 03, 2011
Top Definition
The look a girl gives you while she is blowing you
It just kills the moment when she gives me those dog eyes
by Evan916 December 30, 2006
During the Vietnam war, the Americans would call us Asians chimp eyed, after a while we got fed up with the racism and started calling them dog eyed since they had round eyes. Basically a racist term used against anyone thats not Asian.
stfu you dog eye
by AnonymousCharlie October 23, 2010
a serious case of conjunctivitis
hey man youve got some serious dog eye
by scarah nogger April 05, 2004
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