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A word meaning now. Originated in the movie Super Troopers where two officers decide how many times they can say "meow" in place of now, before the driver becomes too suspicious
Cop: "Do you know how fast you were going right meow?"
Driver: *laughs*
Cop: "Meow, is there something funny boy?"
Driver: "Excuse me, but are you saying meow?"
Cop: "Am i saying meow? Am i saying meow? Boy, do i look like a kitty cat all hippity hop from tree to tree? Meow, driver's licence and registration please."
by Evan916 September 29, 2006
Oral sex, espically very vigously
"I'm gunna fuck you in your mouth bitch."

"Okay hold up, let me tie my hair back"
by Evan916 September 29, 2006
Homosexual, normally refering to a "fairy".

Fairys have wings and therefore light on their feet.
Guy1: "That guy is carrying a man purse!"
Guy2: "Yup he is probably a little light in the sneakers."
by Evan916 September 29, 2006
The look a girl gives you while she is blowing you
It just kills the moment when she gives me those dog eyes
by Evan916 December 30, 2006
An abbreviation for Fourth Avenue Bloods. A gang in Sacramento, Oak Park Area
"It's FAB nigga, what!"
by Evan916 October 02, 2006

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