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Lit. Canine Testicles
Adjective phrase meaning excellent, or being of excellent quality. Usually applied to workmanship or build quality.
That car is te dog's bollocks mate
by Jamie *OJR* Forbes May 14, 2003
UK slang meaning "the best".

If something "takes a lot of licking", it is the best. Dogs are always licking their bollocks, therefore "dog's bollocks" take a lot of licking. So "The dog's bollocks" is the best.
My new mobile phone has MP3, MP4, 6 megapixel camera, bluetooth and WAP. It's the dog's bollocks.
by Buggle December 03, 2007
bollocks n. are testicles. The word is in pretty common use in the UK and works well as a general "surprise" expletive in a similar way to bugger. The phrase "the dog's bollocks" is used to describe something particularly good (yes, good) - something like "see that car - it's the dog's bollocks, so it is". We also describe a big telling-off as a bollocking, and additionally use the word to mean "rubbish" (as in "well, that's a load of bollocks").
"see that car - it's the dog's bollocks"
by strega_rossa June 23, 2005
The ultimate. Top of the line. Variation on bee's knees and cat's pajamas. What better than The Dog's Bollocks - since they like to lick them so much.
Q: Why do dog's lick their balls?
A: Because they can!
This band is the dog's bollocks.
by Major Eyeswater March 05, 2007
Literally the dogs testicles. In British slang, bollocks, means "testicles", however, when it is applied in this context its usual and derivative meaning is "the best", or "the greatest", or "superb"

interchangeable with the expression "the mutts nuts"
usually is applied in a similar fashion to: "That jacket is the dogs bollocks as far as I'm concerned"

or "when are you having the dogs bollocks lopped off"?

A Television chef might stir the pan, taste the contents, and then look into camera while saying,
"You know, these Korean meatballs REALLY ARE the dogs bollocks"
by legs akimbo April 03, 2007
British phrase meaning something is very good.
"You look the dog's bollocks"
"That curry was the dog's bollocks"
by mousebob May 03, 2007
Meaning very good.
Incidentally, the adjective has a somewhat strange history.
It originally comes from Mechano, a British model construction kit. When it first came out in the 50s and 60s, there were 2 different kits available - the Box Standard and the Box Deluxe.

Over time, Box Standard gave birth to the phrase Bog Standard, meaning very average.
Conversely, the spoonerism of Box Deluxe sounds very similar to Dogs Bollocks, for which the meaning of above average was attached.
That's the Dog's Bollocks!
by Conan Reich November 20, 2005