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2 guys putting their hairy testicles on your head
Last night I got drunk, went home with 2 guys and ended up with dog ears.
by TomL December 01, 2006
2 6
to fold back the corner of a page in a book
For the last time, don't dog-ear my books.
by The Return of Light Joker December 02, 2007
33 9
A saggy pair of tits
Girlfriend: I seen you looking at that womans tits there
Boyfriend: Aye well, they are better looking thats you dog ears
by _Wullie_ August 22, 2008
5 2
stupid, idiot, clumsy, useless
This CD is so dogeared, it doesn't even play
by Boris Tyszko December 12, 2002
4 4
jibe, put down, derogratory term, insult
Ben is SUCH a dogear. fuckme.
by Milo Johnson December 12, 2002
3 6
Boris or Milo
Milo is a dogear and so is Boris
by OC Hamster August 04, 2003
1 8