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a term women use to find a reason to break up with their boyfriends, ismilar to terms, such as people change and I'll think about it

by saying no, men imply that women are too skinny for their own good

by saying yes, they are insulting their grl and calling them fat.

by saying you look perfect, women infer that men are hesitant to answer meaning that they have no commitment to the relationship
FBMP: I <3 you
JT: Does This Make My butt look big?
FBMP: . . .
by FBMP April 20, 2004
A question asked by females looking for a compliment or an honest answer.

For black women: go with something along the lines of, "Girl, i never wanted to smack that ass as much as I want to right now"

For white women:................ good luck.
Black girl: Does this make my butt look big?
You: dam girl, can we stay home tonight?!?!

White girl: does this make my butt look big?

You: It looks firm and nice
by blackgirlwithknowledge February 01, 2011
a term women use to give men no chance of winning
if we answer no then they are to skinny
if we say yes we are insulting them

best answers are

no your fat makes your bum look big in that


fuck this for a game of soldiers im going down the pub.
by dave garnar June 09, 2005
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