Basically only the most amazing TV show in all of existence. Stars brilliant people such as Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Billie Piper, Catherine Tate, Freema Agyeman, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Alex Kingston, etc.
So what the heck even is this show about?
You've probably heard that it's a show for nerds. THIS IS A LIE. Mostly. BUT WHO CARES? Nerdiness is great. Own those duct taped glasses! Rock those Lord of the Ring posters! Flash those Harry Potter books for the world to see!
Ahem. Anyways.
This show follows the adventures of the marvelous Doctor as he traverses all of time and space defending the Earth from aliens - although he himself is one - and other disasters - a surprising number of which occur in Cardiff.
All in all, watch this show. If you don't, you'll be the one missing out!
1: hey man, did you catch the doctor who episode last night?
2: no way bro, doctor who is for losers
1: *smashes 2 over the head with a large rusty frying pan while screaming DIE repeatedly*
by eowyn42 May 07, 2013
The first question ever asked.

The question that shall never be answered

Doctor Who?
"Doctor? Doctor Who?"
by Swag boy money yolo July 30, 2013
A sci-fi tv series about a timelord, an alien, who travels through space and time in a time machine known as the TARDIS. They watch history happen and make history happen. Matt Smith and Karen Gillan star in the current showing of the series, but there have been many more doctors and companions before them. The previous stars were David Tennant and Billie Piper.
Have you seen the new episode of Doctor Who? I almost cried it was so emotional!
by puppyluv1522 March 27, 2013
The giving up, or postponing, of social events in order to stay in and watch one of the greatest TV shows of all time live as it airs.
"Dude, do you want to come to my party on Saturday night?"
"Sure, but it'll have to be after Doctor Who"
"You'll miss the money fountain and hooker amnesty"
"I understand, see you after Doctor Who"
by Geektacular September 08, 2014
The oldest question in the universe!
The oldest question in the universe, hidden in plane sight, the question you have been running from your whole life. Doctor Who
by Combber August 05, 2014
A programme that existed for more than 50 years despite many people only caring about and acknowledging the last 10 years.
Person 1: Let's watch Doctor Who
Person 2: Okay. I love Doctor Who
*Person 1 puts on Genesis of the Daleks*
Person 2: What's going on? Where's Matt Smith? He's cute. Where's the action? This is boring.
by Gavin_Spawn January 07, 2015
British TV show launched in 1964 by the BBC with little hope of success, turned out being one of their most successful TV programs they had ever broadcasted. About a man (Time Lord species) traveling distant planets in a Spaceship called a Tardis, disguised as a 1960's London Police Box. The Tardis has the ability to change exterior and interior appearance, disapear and reapear in different locations, travel like a spaceship and travel back or forwards in time. The Doctor saves planets and galaxies without taking any credit, and if he gets so unlucky that he almost dies, he is happy to be a Time Lord, as he can regenerate. Regeneration takes him from one form of man to another, the process is loud and powerful and releases regeneration energy (Orange Glowing Dust) from their hands and head. The Doctor started off from a grumpy old man, to the savior of galaxies.
Doctor Who travels in his blue box through time and space.
by uggson March 30, 2015

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