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In most parts of the world even without a well established public healthcare system such as India, a doctor is someone who attempts to treat illnesses in people, fix injuries, and give valuable advice. They seem gloomy, and deppressive because they don't want to get your hopes up only to have you reinjured again(and they don't want to get sued for giving bad advice).

In North America however they are exactly what most people associate lawyers with; shameless salesmen who just want to rip someone off for money.

This is very capitalist, and one can hardly blame the doctor if every doctor in the country is doing it, but really they are not even helping themselves like this.

Fun facts: Inability to pay medical bills are the cause of 80% of bankruptcies in America.

GP visits in America usually cost upwards of $250, while in places like Australia which has roughly similar $ value, and the UK which has a much higher $ value, GP visits only cost $75 tops, usually including medicine costs.
"I went in for a stomach ache and a flu, they told me to speak to the available surgeon, he wanted to give me a colonoscopy, which was not only completely unecessary, but would have cost me nearly $2000.

I told him I would have to check with my insurance company, and left."

You see Doctors in America are worse than lawyers these days.
by CocoabutterNapalm April 29, 2011
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Someone who puts up with an ever more impatient public demanding quick fixes for innocuous conditions while facing scrutiny from those who judge service, cost-accountability, and adherence to legal definitions of medicine.
Doctors usually give up being caregivers when they meet people who provide definitions in
by diluted April 12, 2005
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A Doctor is someone who goes to school for up to 16 years after they graduate high school, only to lose their job and liscense on their first day because some family filed a malpractice lawsuit because he couldn't save their doomed-in-the-first-place family member.
Jon went to school until he was 32 to become a Doctor, but on his first day when he failed to save his patient who had a failing liver and could not have been saved anyway, the family filed a malpractice lawsuit against him and he lost his job, liscense to practice, 16 years of his life, and several hundred thousand dollars in school tuition fees. Isn't the American Legal System great?
by MMM_TAIYAKI March 02, 2007
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Doctor Who?
"I'm The Doctor",,
"Doctor Who?!"

by Srhktx September 16, 2009
643 160
An alien with two hearts, resembling a human, who travels through time and space with various gorgeous companions that can't resist him because he's just so awesome. Battles evil aliens all over the universe and saves countless lives, civilizations, and planets.
I know someone who can help, he's called the Doctor.
by puny human July 10, 2008
656 192
Someone who has spent 11-16 years of training after high school and over hundreds of thousands of dollars to become certified as a doctor.
Because of medical malpractice lawsuits, medicare, medicaid doctors salaries are declining.
by Geoffrey March 15, 2005
412 220
The man who will save the Earth.
"The Doctor is the world's only hope."
by Whovian November 17, 2012
181 34
n. People who get paid to feel you up and stick needle into your exposed flesh for a living. Though it sounds like a good deal, to be one, you have to waste about 8 years of your life in college plus god-knows how many more years in med school. Being a doctor takes a massive toll on your mental health- They are tasked with having to tell people when they have an incurable disease, tell people that they can't have babies, and don't forget the occasional Colonoscopy!
Child: "Wow! Doctors are so cool! I want to be doctor when I grow up, too!"

Mother: "ROFLMFAO!!!"
by superdawge October 01, 2009
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