Dock is the term that references the mail sex organ. It's a combination of two slang terms for the penis. Those terms are "dock" and "cock". Putting them together you get a great term to use for the wang.
From the hit movie "Magnolia". The information starring Frank T.J. Mackie says the following while promoting his "how to get girls" series of tapes called "Seduce & Destory". He says.... "...if you buy my tapes you are going to have all those women's panties moist and they won't believe how badly they will want to wet you dock!"
by Tom August 15, 2006
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to place the foreskin of your dick over someone else's penis head
Clay Aiken docked Lance Bass when he came out of the closet.
by hitman912 November 04, 2007
They go out in the water.
The ability of docks is disbelieved by my ex-girlfriend.
by Arcane Cossack May 21, 2004
docks is the place by docklands where its good to smoke cigars and cigs with no breeze around
ay yo uddin blud wanna go docks smoke
by rishi rich November 18, 2004
Like ''good'' or ''great'' or any other positive adjective. Can also mean big or vast.
My friend got a dock car
by presumingpete June 30, 2009
Cross between dick and cock to describe a man who is being a dick and/or cock
Dude 1: I think I'm gonna hit it and quit it, man
Dude 2: Wow, you're being a dock, dude
by estoy enamorado January 21, 2011
Used when the person wants to refer to a penis but does not want to use a weak word like dick, or a strong word like cock.
Dude, suck my dock.
Tell your girlfriend to suck your dock.
by BlameReality February 01, 2010
synonym for own and/or pwn.
originated from "dock; deprive someone of benefits as a penalty, deduct from someone's wages, eg. a teacher docks marks"
You just got docked.
by E.M. A.D. June 14, 2007

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