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to have your team's offense completely and utterly paralyzed by Phillies pitching-phenom Harry Leroy "Doc" Halladay III. To strike out against Roy Halladay.
Fan 1: "Did you see Roy Halladay pitch his perfect game against the Marlins in May?"
Fan 2: "Hell yes! The Fish got doc blocked!"


Fan 1: "Holy fucking shit, Roy Halladay pitched a no hitter against the Cincinnati Reds in his first post-season appearance!"
by abelard87 October 08, 2010
The act of being cock-blocked that it so artful that it has gone to the professional level.
"Damn, I got cock-blocked by a dude who must have a PhD in that shit."

"Dude. You just got Doc blocked!"
by ntslkr November 09, 2011
To request a document from a website only to have it respond with "access denied".
I was trying to download the notes for class from the professor's website but I was totally doc blocked.
by habitmelon December 28, 2010
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