Verb: to interfere with other peoples' property or plans without their knowledge or consent, then pretend that one is not responsible for the same, leaving them with no apparent alternative but to ascribe the latest turn of events to persons or forces unknown. From the name of the house elf first appearing in the second Harry Potter novel.
Jim's mother-in-law has dobbied his drinking glasses again.

I think Mary decided to dobby Neil's car keys.

Ben has dobbied the vases again. They'll probably turn up in the rubbish compactor.
by Fearman March 25, 2008
Term used to describe someone with the tendency to annoy others and have weird social habits.
A person like this tends to repel people from making social contact.
That girl is such a dobby!
by Blah_Blah January 19, 2008
Dobby - To call one silly or foolish.
Monica you dobby fuckin cunt , get a job.
by Spike Von July 05, 2006
a small, gnome like member of the ADF with suicidal and possibly homicidal tendencies. roughly 3 feet tall it can knock you down without even physically touching you - such is his might. this small creature is easily aggravated and makes for great sport. its weaknesses include:
. sport
. PT
. Social interaction
. Women
. Life
and its multitude of strengths include.
. oh wait....
Dobby may say things like: don't be surprised if you find me in the morning, hanging from my locker!
by Tobias Karlsson February 09, 2010
Refers to marijuana smoking. When a total buzzkill buddy comes along, asks to take a hit off your joint and/or blunt, then subsequently drops it in either a puddle or a large pile of dirt.

Also can be used in concurrence with bogart.
Hey fam, don't dobby my shit! You already tried to bogart. Scom face!
by Ida Derbscom May 18, 2008
A Merchant Navy term for washing/laundry.
That basket's gettin kinda full...better put a dobby on.
by Fasherman60 December 18, 2006
a trustworthy, ugly look midget.
enjoys a taste of butterbeer and is smooth with the ladies
you know that dobby, hes sooooo cute
by dfkjnsldfjvb February 10, 2015

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