An analgesic for backache pain containing the active ingredient, magnesium salycilate.

Because of the belief that backaches were associated with the kidneys, Doan's was originally marketed as a "Mild Diuretic for the Kidneys" since the 1900's.
For nagging backaches, take Doan's.
by Dr. Martin Himmel January 25, 2012
Top Definition
The word used to describe sexuality in men. It is deprived from the latin root "Do anian", which means to be in top shape.
My, my, Wendy if you saw how Doan I was, you would be rolling the floor in your own pool of siliva.
by Doan Nguyen February 01, 2008
Something that fucking idiots say when they have nothing better.
After posting really ignorant shit on the internet, lincoln told everyone "Doans you later."
by Circus March 26, 2005
Sexable in a completely manly way.
The world's greatest pickup line: You are looking SO doan today!
by Brahaha February 02, 2007
group of crazy ass friends who just dont give a fuck what other people think and go FUCKING crazy
girl 1: did you go to that party last night?

girl 2: no, why?

girl 1: cause the Doan's were there and they were fucking crazy. they were lighting shit up

girl 2: DAMN, wish i went!
by that DOAN wood April 10, 2011
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