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Arabic for " Prayer".

An amazing, beautiful, smart, girl. She is loved by tons of people, although she may not know it. Has brilliant taste in music, art and books. Shies away from attention. Definatly an eye catcher, and her attitude and swagger can be noticed from afar. Owns a huge and kind heart. Loves to be of help and feel important. Has a smile that could light up a room instantly. One of the smartest people you may ever meet. The perfect lover; faithful, loving and honest. Very ambitious, brave and daring. Has a rather sensitive nature, and is angered quite easily. She is very observing and has an eye for details. Sniffs out lies easily. A very faithful and loyal friend.
If you happen to know a Doaa, dont ever let her go.

My God, she's such a Doaa!
by Onceuponatimegirl August 29, 2012

A very annoying organism that doesn't have a meaning. It is typically used to describe meaningless things. It can be sexual too.
That girl is a total Doaa.
by Jennaly May 29, 2011
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