to get work done

to phisically accomplish a task that involves work

to literally do work
lets Do Work son

i just did work

u need to do work
#work #done #do work son #task #acomplish a task
by jason1228 December 06, 2009
To get something done, or to spit mad game, 'Do Work' was originally used by Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest, on the track 'Buggin' Out"
Listen to the mission, listen Miss as I do work.
#work #do #doin work #get er done #get it done #spit game
by Demo Dan September 04, 2008
Referring to the work that a guy must do prior to making out with or having sexual relations with a girl or a guy but hopefully a girl.
Guy 1: I'm going out with my girlfriend tonight

Guy 2: Do Work son!
#prep work #work #foreplay #spit game #work magic
by jtime74 March 26, 2010
A phrase used in the In The Groove (ITG) dance game community that is used to express the idea that they have scored well on a song or have streamed 16ths at a fast BPM.
"Dude, I just quaded Energizer!"

"Do work, son!"
#in #the #groove #itg #dance #revolution #ddr #aij #sos #arrows #quad #tristar
by zAkAtAkx December 02, 2009
The act of getting ridiculously drunk, blacking out, and peeing in your friend's living room.
friend 1: *peeing on friend's bookcase in front of everyone*


Friend 1:"Do work." *continues to pee*
#pee #do #work #derebeker #derebekery
by derebeker October 10, 2009
When someone is doing something good or there is an idea that people arent sure about; A way of encouraging
My Team went 9-0 this year.
"Do Work Son"

SHould we go but BK?
"Yeh Lets do work"
#do #work #encourage #have fun #funny
by Rickay July 10, 2008
what happens when you leave 3+ full bottle of alcohol with 2 guys for a weekend. When you wander aimlessly around campus, pass out and wake up several hours later with UDI, and your dorm room is trashed..
dan: wtf theres chippys everywhere, the fan is broke in half, and my box is broke, my foot feels like its broke.
jay: idk wtf happened, my foot feels like its broke and i have a bunch of scratches everywhere.
jay: thats how you do work.

dan "after drinkin almost 3/4th's a bottle of brandy and having some nasty ass sandwich" comes back from the bathroom, then collapses on his bed.. "5 mins later" starts throwin up against then wall... few mins later falls off the bed about 4ft to the ground, hits his head on a storage crate and rolls around on the floor.
jay: dan are you alive?
dan: dont worry im doin work.
jay: o ok your alive.

#do work #drinking #udi #wtf #ouch
by jay aka hunch February 24, 2008
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