9 definitions by jason1228

sudden realization that a bitch has enterd your area
also know a your bitch radar
I just got a sudden bitch alert

bitch alert, bitch alert she just entered the room
by jason1228 December 06, 2009
when you have some important paper, homework,event, or something else important to do but in stead you go on facebook posting about what you have to do and or start chatting with other people for hours
John: hey did you finish your term paper?

Sam: No dude I was Facebook Procrastinating, Didnt you see my post on facebook last night
by Jason1228 September 29, 2010
someone who has become so fat that they cant accomplish simple tasks

one who gets a work out from climbing stairs
that dude is such a McFatty
by jason1228 December 06, 2009
someone who owns a car that rides extremely low to the ground such as a honda civic. the owners are most likely beaners and those of the asian ethnicity
dude look at that rice grinder its so low to the ground.

that dude is such a rice grinder
by jason1228 December 06, 2009
No Athletic Background What So Ever
that dude has NABWSE
by jason1228 December 06, 2009
Surfing Myspace to look at another womens myspace pictures and then masturbating to them
Dean: Dude wheres Billy

Jack: he slept in because last night he was up late masturspacing
by Jason1228 March 03, 2010
the act of making masturbation a daily priority
I always leave room for my prioritabation
by jason1228 December 06, 2009

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