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The Dmitruk family is the best family ever!! if you ever meet anybody with the last name "Dmitruk" remember that you have just met one of the coolest people EVER!! Dmitruks are very fun to hang out with, they have the best sense of humor, and their biggest tradition game to play with the family is called "Mafia" and they own it. THE BEST RUSSIAN FAMILY!!!!!! Their is usually so much relatives that they live all over the world!!!! that is true.
Person1: Dude!!!! I met this guy today!!!!! his name was alex!!!!
Person2: oooooooooooookay...........
Person1: and his last name was Dmitruk!!!!!!!!
Person2: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHH ....................did you get an autograph??
Person1: *blink blink*
#dmitruk #russian #family #mafia game #relatives
by Genadiy July 26, 2011
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