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(dul-UT)--- Dlut comes from two words- the (d) from diseased, and the from (lut) from slut. A female who has picked up several STI/STD's because she enjoys sleeping around many sexual partners.
Danny: Oh man, I heard Karina has, like, 7 STD's along with crabs!
Jakson: What a dlut!
by browithdafro December 01, 2013
(DUH-lu-T)--- Dlut stems from two words- the (d)from drunken, and the from (lut)slut. A female who becomes a slut only when highly intoxicated.
Carrie: Oh man, look at that girl! She's only has a couple drinks.
Rachel: Yeah, and after those drinks she became a total dlut!
by DJ India P December 04, 2008

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