A term generally used to refer to the greatest man alive.

Man i wish i was as cool as dker
by John Smith September 12, 2003
Top Definition
head mod of FS-1.com also a incompetent camel humper
DKer stop humping that Camel, you mod for FS-1.com remember!
by bessinator September 29, 2003
1. A smelly canadian
Man, im glad im cooler than dker.
by Garrett September 30, 2003
N. The goofy canadian who also goes by Djawinc
Pull up your damn pants dker!
by Rawr roar September 29, 2003
N. The goofy Candian kid that is really weird
Pull up your damn pants Dker!
by John September 28, 2003
the goofy canadian i am about to kill
oh no dker!!! duck!!
muah ha ha ha ha!
by john doe September 29, 2003
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