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A very popular brand of clove cigarettes, these have a very sweet aroma, And a good taste, the filters leave a sweet taste on your lips also, they're simply the best.
"These Djarums smell so good I think my nuts are going to fall off"
by Elixir March 29, 2005
Quite possibly the only cigerette that gives the illusion of smoking a christmas ham. It carries the same traits as a ham, its filling,delicious and induces poop.
(mom) What the Hell are you smoking in there you bastard?! Are those my djarum's?! (son) A Christmas ham! (mom) Your always eating you fat ass!!
by chrisarce March 08, 2006
A type of clove-flavored cigarette favored by college-aged "hipsters" to fulfill the cool-yet-self-destructive-habit criteria for modern bohemian hipsterdom. This effect has been magnified by the fact that clove cigarettes were made illegal in the United States in 2009.
Dude man, wanna smoke a djarum and while we watch I Heart Huckabees again? I found a leftover pack in my sister's Prius.
by WhoamIindeed December 22, 2009
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