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verb. To Djan - to have sex with an unconscious girl after she has regurgitated the contents of her stomach and urinated all over herself. This more commonly happens at music festivals and is counted as a form of rape.
'Hey, wanna go djanning this weekend?'
'No, i can't! Djan her good for me though!'
by theguywhoknows September 30, 2009
63 20
To have sex with a girl who is unconciuous/paraletic and has vomited and urinated upon herself.
You djaned her real good.
You got djaned.
Shut up or I'll djan you motherfucker.

Person1: You coming out djanning tonight?
Person2: Nah sorry I'm busy, but djan her good will you.
by The djananator September 30, 2009
47 18