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As seen on The Tyra Show.
A party where you gather all your girlfriends to celebrate your single-ness and to destroy anything that may remind you of your ex boyfriend, husband, friend, dream guy that you've never met, or any other man that you want to get divorced to. This is usually done after a break up or just randomly if you feel like you need someone out of your life. This event usually includes, burning any pictures, deleting him off Facebook, and/or throwing away any of his belongings.
Girl 1: 'I can't believe he broke up with me!'
Girl 2: 'I know how you feel, now we need to have a Divorce Party soon!'
Girl 1: 'Oh yess! I need him outta my life, I'll bring the mock-tails'
by Pauligha October 20, 2010
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Also referred to as a "Reverse Bachelor Party". Party thrown, usually involving strippers and/or prostitutes, celebrating the end of one of your boys blessed unions. Symbolizes his newly re-found freedom.
Joey finally kicked the bitch to the curb, and we're having a divorce party at Scores.
by Chris L. December 16, 2003
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The marital equivalent of dancing on someones grave...
Girl 1: Hey, I'm having a divorce party to celebrate parting with my ex- husband, wanna come?
Girl 2: Geez, you've already got the house, half his savings and the kids... dont you think that's pushing it?
Girl 1: Hell no, I know I cheated but no ones perfect right? and he certainly wasn't when he found out... his inappropriate behaviour was the reason for our divorce :)
Girl 2: Well, I think its an insult to the years you did spend as a couple... so no I won't be going.
Girl 1: Suit yourself :)
by Firelovesugar100 March 05, 2011
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loser who are divorce-ing and are having them party @ home with them friends
WoW ! this is my 3rd divorce party
i are the greatest
by Michal December 17, 2003
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