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4 definitions by Michal

1. For sure my Jesus

2. A rip off from fo shizzle my nizzle, for sheezy my neezy, and other similar crap.

3. The Holy Man's Gangster Speak
-Insert slightly religious comment here-
"Fo Sheezy My Jeezy!"
by Michal December 17, 2004
Thingy you put up the end of on an car so the exaust gas wil sound nice
w00t ! Look at that muffler ! Its so fecking big ! Its almost like teh rocket pipe in Need for speed udnerground
by Michal December 17, 2003
loser who are divorce-ing and are having them party @ home with them friends
WoW ! this is my 3rd divorce party
i are the greatest
by Michal December 17, 2003