A cool ass straightforward skater chick that says whatever is on her mind. Don't give a shit what others say or think as long as she's having fun.
Benny: Did you just hear what that girl said?

Porche: Yeah she's Divine for sure dude. Don't give a shit!
by skateewhxre. March 23, 2010
Top Definition
Better than perfect, what people will say if they read a book or eat something that is better than perfect.
to er is human, to forgive is divine
by James Lowe September 13, 2004
Biblical references. Angelic. Godlike. Heavenly. Divine is a caring girl with a big heart, but cross her path and you will not be forgiven easily. She prefers to stay away from backstabbing people. If you treat her well, she will treat you better. Usually the person people rely though she needs to work on her timing. You can't help but to love this girl. Her lovely smile reflects her lovely heart.
Divine is just an angelic girl
by TresMer March 14, 2012
perfect in every way possible, to the point of just wanting to grab and fuck silly
she is so fucking divine
by Teneile March 08, 2010
Her name says it all.
Divine is more than perfect. She has her own fashion sense and looks good in everything. Loves the people that love her. Has a strong head and knows who and what she wants in her life.
by Rewan March 14, 2012
Biblical word's.Heavenly.Goudlike.
Divine is more than perfect, she's beautiful, natural, cute, sweet, smart, wise, modest, loyal, friendly, fun, *She's caring about other than herself and have a big heart to support any kinda hurts and everyone, but don't hurt her more than 4 times that's enough for her, she'll forgive U but hardly and will avoid a little bit and will never trust U again*People are jealous of her, mostly girls and boys are crazy for her, but scares to approach her. People likes to blame her and that makes her crying.*She's quiet and shy for somepeople and somewhere, U should be close to her to discover how hot, fun, and gorgeous she is. She's kinda curious and loves to learn.*She doesn't care about what people talk about her, she's inspired, creative, motivated,... she's always focus on what she's doing to prepare her future and she success to all of her work and she's remarkable.*She's scare to have a boyfriend, she feels embarrassed and nervous when a boy approach her then she runaway, she doesn't let boys talk to her and she likes to stay single for many important reasons mostly are : can't choose a boyfriend because all the boys appears on her way at the same time. She got a big ass that seduce guy and she stays virgin till she get marry. U must should have a Divine in Ur life her lovely Smiley will make so happy because she's incredible . So KEEP CALM AND DATE DIVINE. Remember, don't mind what she'll told U, keep asking and trying then she'll say yes<3
Guy1: hey Dick, who's that sexy girl over there???
Guy2 : That's Divine, yeah she's beautiful too.
Guy1: I need to talk to her, did she has a boyfriend???
Guy2 : Of course not and she might be a virgin, but don't think about to date her, she's totally mine .
Guy1 : Shut your f*****g mouth she's mine.
Guy2 & Guy1 : Fight...
by NameandAttitude July 04, 2015
A(n) (in)famous drag queen who starred in John Waters films from the 70's and 80's, such as Pink Flamingos (1972) and Hairspray (1988). He died in 1988.
Scene that made Divine famous: the ending of Pink Flamingos, where he eats fresh dog shit right off the street.
by RyanPC February 09, 2006
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