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Bel astre, plus rapide k'une komète
Fort, beau et grand, et ravigottera le coeur des filles les plus triste.
Bon et joyeux komme le pain, a faillit être Pape Divin Ier en mai 2005

Aimer savoir est humain
Savoir aimer est Divin
Dieu, Pape, Revigorant
by voyageur April 22, 2005
I made this up - I meant to say divine, but I had a typing error and I said divin.
It means sexy, divine, amazing. Like you look divin. So it is normally used to desribe a person (looks mainly, not so much personality) but you can say that you're divin - if you feel divine or amazing or sexy etc.
"You look divin"
"Wow, he/she makes me feel divin"
"God, I feel well divin"
by Francesca/Fran November 11, 2006
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