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A friend who stops by your house for the soul purpose of taking a shit.
Example: Pulling a dive bomber attack, Joe dropped by my house
just to take a shit.
by Ryan Seal April 11, 2007
A male that engages in unprotected sexual activity and pulls up and out directly before delivering his explosive payload, bombing the enemy with his inflammable napalm.
Concerned Friend: Yo man, you want a condom?
Unconcerned Pilot: Naw bro, I'm a dive bomber.
by funkyeah February 15, 2009
It is a well-know fact that the ability of a male to detect odors is inversely proportional to the erectness of his penis. A dive bomber is a male whose sense of smell is still functioning well enough during sex to tell rotten pussy from the good kind before dipping a tongue in it.
A Dive Bomber can pull up just in time.
by Flaming Meaux April 23, 2006
When, in the act of coitus, from a 45 degree angle and from about 2 or 3 feet, one shits upon either vagina or anus. Sometimes mouth.
I especially enjoy dive-bombing after a pink lemonade (see dictionary).
by Phillip James Robertson June 26, 2003
Sexual manuever where you fist the girl and then dip your balls into her wide open vagina.

Dirty Dive Bomber: If you fist her ass and then dip your balls into her wide open ass.

Joe did everthing with Lilly from the Dirty Sanchez to the Dirty Dive Bomber!
by Randy Winters December 28, 2002
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