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A small bag that contains various odds and ends such as a mirror, flashlight, glue, paper clips, rubber bands, twine, shoe string, bandaids, and tape. The bag is usually taken on a trip, particularly camping, where it can be used for a variety of purposes.
Joe: Oh no, the car won't start.
MacGyver: It's the ignition. I'll use the batteries from the flashlight in my Ditty Bag to start it.

Joe: Oh no, my luggage won't stay together.
MacGyver: Use one of the zip ties in my Ditty Bag to hold it together.

Joe: Oh no, I have a head ache.
MacGyver: I'll give you some of the asprin from my Ditty Bag.

Joe: Oh no, my space suit is leaking.
MacGyver: I'll plug the whole with some of the silly puddy from my Ditty Bag.
by Joe Plumb August 02, 2005
A bag of toiletries, sewing, letter writng and sundry other goods that you get overcharged for in bootcamp.
Smitty climbed the Washington monument with a scoped 30-'06 and started taking out supply corp officers while muttering about being ripped off for $12.50 back in 1961.
by harry flashman July 10, 2003
it's your shit.. as in, all of it..
it implies leaving/moving.

it's true that there are small bags that are used to hold things.. but generally when people say 'I'm gonna pack up my ditty bag" they're not being literal - it's slang for leaving.
'he gives me anymore lip and i'm gonna pack up my ditty bag!'
by koe August 23, 2006