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Verb. Short for "Doin/Did-it-to-'em". Can refer to a wide range of actions. Usually used in type over conversation.
- Did you eat all the ice cream cake last night?
- Sorry I had to Dite

I'm planning on Dite with that girl tonight
by ETOBZZ January 29, 2011
19 10
An acronym which stands for D!@& (Penis) in the eye syndrome. The activity is known to cause pink eye or some weird eye fungus. The syndrome is highly embarrassing and can cause someone afflicted to don an eye-patch.
Sharon was unaware of the threat of DITES, until her black eye developed the morning after her trist with Chadley.
by scraggly bizzalls January 01, 2007
2 0
Another term for mermaid slutty sex
Last night some type of dite went on underwater
with mermaids.
by mermaidslut September 27, 2009
5 7
A colloquial term used by Cape Town locals to refer to the act of eating. The latter can also refer to one's meal. That is "dite" can be both a verb and a noun.

Hey dude, let's dite I'm hungry as fuck.

A: So how was dinner?

B: It was all right hey, the dite was pretty good.
by Fizzer September 02, 2008
3 9
Obtained from the phrase "yeah right". (Shorthand)
Bob: Didn't you think that psychology was difficult?
Gary: Dite, it was easy to me.
by Rick Walters November 05, 2006
6 12
Acronym for 'dick in the eye.'
Webernet is just asking for a dite.
by `Josh August 18, 2007
8 15
The time between day and night when naughty things happen.
It's so DITE out
What happens at DITE stays at dite
by Shane / Devin February 07, 2007
2 15